About Costume Rentals Corporation

Costume Rentals Corporation provides costumes to the world of film, television, and commercial productions. 

In business since 1976, CRC has always met the exacting standards demanded by the Entertainment Industry. When Tillie and Charlie James began their business, they rented costumes out of their own garage. Since then, they have expanded CRC to fill a 66,000 square foot warehouse with 59 rows of costume racks reaching 17 feet in height. The facility offers 10 costume offices, 5 prep cages, and 4 fitting rooms for production use.

The variety of costumes at Costume Rentals Corporation is expansive. CRC is recognized worldwide as the premiere supplier of military and police costume uniform rentals. We also have an extensive stock of service-oriented uniforms including hospital, hotel, restaurant, clerical, airline, and chauffeur. In addition, there is an impressive collection of period and modern civilian clothing for both men & women ranging from the 1850’s to modern day.

CRC can accommodate any production from the ballroom to the battlefield. Armies can be outfitted for a formal affair or equipped with fatigues for battle scenes. We can deck out a band to march onto the playing field or dress bathing beauties in period 1920’s swimwear. Authentic to every detail, CRC has the patches, medals, buckles, buttons, accessories, and research to make all elements historically accurate.

If CRC does not have the desired patch, any design can be manufactured on our (2) new state-of-the-art Embroidery Machines. The only limitation to the embroidery fabrication is time, budget, and imagination.

The Supply Room at CRC stocks any item a production might need for the costume trailer, office, or fitting room. Supplies can be shipped around the globe.

Costume Rentals Corporation takes pride in its commitment to each customer, helping to produce the type of exceptional look needed for a successful production.

What Sets Us Apart:

In-house state-of-the-art Embroidery Machines

Patches and Badges

Patch/Insignia Room

Custom uniform prep and assembly

Onsite Fitting and Alterations

Staffed Research Library

Well stocked Supply Room

Domestic and International packing and shipping

Special show packaging deals

Why Choose Us:

24 Access to the following:

Prep Cages with Trailer Access

Costume Offices

Fitting Rooms

Free WiFi

Laundry Facilities and Research Library

Our Regular Business Hours:

8am – 6pm

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