CRC is now back to its regular business hours of 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. However, with the new COVID-19 variants and the rising number of cases, we will maintain most, if not all, of our safety protocols:


  • Face masks will continue be required inside our facility. Guest Attestation Forms must be submitted upon entry.
  • Temperatures will be checked at the warehouse entrance using a contactless thermometer and everyone is required to follow social distancing.
  • There will be separate areas designated for package drop-offs, costume pick-ups and returns.
  • To ensure that the cleanliness of our costumes is maintained, we will require customers to confirm dry cleaning of returned costumes by attaching a copy of the dry-cleaning ticket/receipt when they make returns. If no such confirmation is received, we will have the costumes dry cleaned before putting back to stock.
  • Additionally, all returned costumes will be aired out for at least 24 hours and sanitized before being placed back in stock.
  • Hand sanitizers will be available in several areas of our building and on all ladders in the warehouse.
  • New procedures for approvals and fittings to ensure cleanliness of costumes and accessories.
  • For those needing to rent Prep spaces or offices, we will have your office/Cage cleaned and sanitized prior to occupancy.  We will also have desk shields available for your use as well. Those who are already occupying one of our Offices or Cages will have an option to use one of our cleaning/sanitizing equipment.


We understand that there are many constraints and challenges productions face during this pandemic therefore we would welcome any suggestions and address concerns you might have.


Thank you,

CRC Management